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As a Class III Medical Device, the FDA requires anyone aquiring an AED to first obtain a Medical Authorization. The PlusRx program is designed to help partner doctors with organizations and individuals who wish to purchase an AED. PlusRx allows you to register and mainatin your AED Prescriptions and priont a copy of your Medical Authorization. If you have never visited PlusRx befire, please enter your Activation Code from the Certificate that accompanied your AED. Existing customers can enter their information at the top of the page.

For a limited time, we are providing a free trial to the world's leading AED program management application, PlusTrac. Prescriptions are just the first step in protecting your organization from Cardiac Arrest. Implementing an AED Program can increase your chances of survival as much as 71%. With your 2 month, no risk free trial, you can experience some of the benefits of the PlusTrac System including:

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